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                               TAKE FOUR

TAKE FOUR - Entertainment A Cappella  




2016 - Teilnahme als Vertreter Deutschlands beim
internationalen Barbershop Quartett Wettbewerb in Nashville, USA

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"Yes, Take Four, not Five or Six! Barbershop at its best.

These four excellent musicians are also such nice guys, and they came
to Altenholz, near Kiel, to take part in my choral workshops there.

I was really very impressed by their professionalism and their willingness

to try new things, especially a non-Barbershop sound that we worked on

and which they demonstrated at the final concert - it would have outclassed many close harmony groups that specialise in this kind of approach, and then they flipped easily back into Barbershop mode.




Philip Lawson - King`s Singers